(Classical Japanese Dance)
Ufo Furusawa, Hiroyuki Kurosawa


Tsugaru Shamisen

(Japanese Tsugaru Style Three-String Instrument)

Visionary World

You are invited to experience the World of Enchantment portrayed by traditional Japanese dance and music. Ufo Furusawa, the leading performer of Jiutamai traditional dance as the second headmaster of the Furusawa School of Jiutamai, performs Jiutamai dances with members of the Furusawa School. Hiroyuki Kurosawa, celebrated Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese three-string instrument) performer, plays selections of music. The first part of the show offers a demonstration of the techniques of Jiutamai by Ufo Furusawa and members of the Furusawa School. The second part invites you to experience the dynamic yet melancholy sounds of Tsugaru Shamisen, played by Hiroyuki Kurosawa. The show will conclude with the dance Lady Aoi, choreographed by Ufo Furusawa as part of the Dance of the Genji, accompanied by Hiroyuki Kurosawa's Tsugaru Shamisen.

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DateDate:March 20, Sunday, 2011
Doors open at 12:45
Show starts at 13:30
Venue: Florence Gould Theater
Legion of Honor Lincoln Park
100 34th Ave., San Francisco

Held by:NPO Infusion
Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco
Japan Society of Northern California
Admission: $35.00
$40.00 at the door
Contact:NPO Infusion
73 Cloud View Rd., Sausalito
CA 94965
Phone: 415-331-5049
Fax: 415-332-2696
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