NPO Infusion - The Transmission of Culture

If only we understood each other, just one little bit more than now, we could perhaps pass on the light of friendship to achieve peace - In 2006, we founded the NPO Infusion on such an aspiration. We consider traditional culture as an approachable medium for deepening mutual understanding. The traditional culture cultivated through the long history of Japan boasts an inimitable perfection, and we have held lectures, and performances to introduce this part of our culture. Our efforts revolve around our hope that the people exposed to the Japanese traditional culture develop an extended interest in the history, natural environment and ethnic consciousness of Japan from which our traditional culture was born. We trust such endeavors would allow us to reach our founding goal.

Introduction of NPO Infusion's Activities


NPO Infusion has facilitated diverse activities, with the most notable being the performance of great tsuzumi drums by top-performer Shonosuke Okura and the Noh performance by Hosho style Noh actor Masayuki Fujii at Calistoga. We also hosted Kabuki-Hayashi performances at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema, and as part of our continuing program, we invite Mr. Masayuki Fujii to offer a Noh dance workshop. As for tsuzumi drums, we opened classes at local elementary schools with the cooperation of Mr. Saburo Mochizuki, a member of the Nagauta Association in Japan.

The year 2010 marked the 150th anniversary of Kanrin Maru's landing at the Port of San Francisco. NPO Infusion carried out programs to celebrate this historic event, including the visit to the gravesites of Kanrin Maru sailors at Colma Cemetery. Some of the Kanrin Maru sailors were from Sakaide City, which is a sister city to Sausalito, and exchange students and the mayor of Sakaide City joined us for the visit to Colma Cemetery and participated in a commemorative cherry tree planting. The event was then colored by the tsuzumi drum oblation performance given by local Sausalito students. In addition, we co-hosted with the Consulate General the exhibition of many sketch works (owned by Waseda University) by Yujiro Suzufuji, known by his Drawings from the Voyage of the Kanrin Maru along with the display of a picture-card show created based on the journal of Zenshiro Shimamoto, who also traveled on the Kanrin Maru, and a lecture by Andrew Barshay, renowned Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley.